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The Ways of The Rodent




  Hello and Welcome to the Rat'z nest... I''m a F lying  Winged Rodent who when not rummaging through garbage cans or dumpster diving, likes to scour the cyber-skies of Warbirds ,the Awesome muli-player online WW-II flight simm. For those of you who know what fun Warbirds  is Rats nest has lots of  tips, hints and links as well as some custom made  Gun sights, perfect for setting up your ride for the Maxx performance.
   Those of you who don't know what Warbirds  is I suggest you check it out..... With  A  high quality flight and damage model well as ordnance behavior ......Warbirds is a game of skill ,timing,cordanation and luck.. And above all ..its fun as sh:)t. Click on anny of the 109's below and explore the Rat's nest ...







 This is the Ratpack Rat runs with




   Check-Out Rat's Secret Air Combat Tactics For some tips from the wing knawler himself As well as Detailed plane statistics ,Equipment setup and use,Combat Tactics..And other useful info...And if your still curious and need more knowlage ...Go and follow The Rats Favorite Links to some of the backstreet allys of the Warbirds Cyber world where I'm shure you can find a page or two filled with Warbirds Nfo  and Air combat related paraphernalia..


The Rats Favorite Links




WarBirds Flight Simulator Webring
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