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Folding instructions for the


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Caution:To avoid injury, never fly a paper airplane toward another person


How to fly the best paper airplane in the world

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How to fly the best paper airplane in the world


Flight techniques

This is the fun part, learning to fly. The airplane can be launched with force or softly. Launching it on a windy day directly into the breeze causes it to climb into a half barrel roll. For a second it will fly upside down and then flip over and fly a long distance with the wind. On calm days you can launch it gently horizontally. It has a long glide path and will generally go in a straight line or go into a gentle curve


Fine tuning

If you find that the plane is banking to the left or right, you can correct this by experimenting with bends on the control surfaces.

To gain extra control, cut flaps on the rear edge of the wings and bend the flaps up or down as needed. You can also try bending the wing tips down instead of up.

The tail flaps can be bent up slightly if the plane tends to dive. All changes should be made with small adjustments and then a test flight to analyze the change.


Make more than one airplane. You will find that they all have unique flight characteristics, no two are alike. Choose the one that flies best and try to find out why it flies so well.


Try making really large versions of this plane using construction or ledger paper. They fly just as well only higher and farther.



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