Concorde Paper Airplane
Folding Instructions


Step 1
Start with an  8 1/2"x11" paper.  Fold paper in half crosswise and unfold. Then fold the top corners inward to the center crease.

Step 2
 Make two valley folds to the center crease

Step 3
Make two valley folds

Step 4
Make a valley fold,and turn the plane 90degrees as shown in figure in step 5.

Step 5
Use a ruler to make a parallel line as shown in figure. Fold and unfold to make a good crease

Step 6
Make another  parallel crease by folding and unfolding.

Step 7
Unfold the plane and pull the yellow part up while pushing the red line crease down.

Step 8
The side view looks like this.
Fold the wing up. Repeat the same folding for other side wing.

Step 9
Make landing gear folding, and give the model a 3-dimensional shape.  Use a double side tape inside of the vertical tail.  Bend up the back of the wing just a little bit for better landing. 



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