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All copywritten work on this page remains the property of the creator.  All written content copyright Willow Firesong unless otherwise noted.

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Fire note graphics custom made by Willow Firesong.

All other graphics are taken from collections on the web, or private offerings, and/or created or modified by Willow Firesong to render them suitable for their intended use.

Every effort has been made to ensure that graphics used on this site are being used in accordance with their creators' intellectual copyrights.  If you are the creator of a graphic that was mistakenly included in a collection that I was told was free for use, and you would like credit or prefer not to see your graphic here, please contact me!

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Background MIDI Music

All MIDI files entered by Willow Firesong.

"Quarters Call We" by Willow Firesong and BarleySinger

"Oak and Ash and Thorne" by Rudyard Kipling

"A Bunch of Thyme" traditional Irish

"Blow Thy Horn, Hunter" by William Cornish

"Alleluya Psallat" anonymous, early 14th century

"Official's Bransle" France, 16th century

"Rosebud in June" traditional

"Holly King" traditional

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