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The New Oral Tradition

Pagan Music Collection

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Includes new and original pagan music by Willow Firesong and BarleySinger, along with pagan music of all kinds collected from the web and other sources.  Please feel free to share any songs or music you would like to see added to this collection!

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I Am


The Ancient Gods
Back to the Oar
Barley Grain
Green the Corn Grows
Hear Diana
Kindred Souls
Now Is the Time
Prosperity Chant
Quarters Call We

Ellen Reed

Every Witch's Shame

Willow Firesong

Green Grows the Willow–oh
Hymn to Brigid
Hymn to Saint Brigid
I Can't Watch
Nobody Noticed
Praise to Brigid
Quarters Call We
This Time, Three Years Ago


Gabhaim Molta Bride
Hymn to Brigid
Hymn to Saint Brigid
Praise to Brigid

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"Quarters Call We" by Willow Firesong and BarleySinger