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Gather 'round the fire, together to share our music in many voices, many songs...

Share Your Music!

Please feel free to share any songs or music you would like to see added to this collection!  We are always looking for new pagan music to share within our community.  If you have written pagan music, prose, or poetry that you would like to share, or collected a piece that you are free to share with others, please email it to with the Author's name, email, permission to share it for noncommercial use, and any information about the author or the piece that should be shared with it.  Please provide music, in the form of the name of the original tune, if the piece uses a commonly known tune, or as sheet music, or MIDI files.

If you do not have MIDI creation capabilities, click here to download WinJammer Shareware for Win95, the MIDI program used to create much of the music on this site.  WinJammer allows you to work in the familiar Musical Notation your sheet music will be in if available, and makes it much easier for the musical novice to note out original music for sharing with others.

I am in no way affiliated with WinJammer, its creator, or its parent company, I am simply impressed with the ease of use of their software, and the full functionality that is available in the shareware version, as well as the low cost to register it should you choose to own a copy long-term and support the author of this excellent program.  We have purchased Cakewalk Pro Studio MIDI creation software for my husband's professional music production use, and it is not as functional or useful as WinJammer, which has replaced it in his use as well as my own.

To sign up for a mailing list, to share your music with others and enjoy theirs before it is added to this website, please sign up here.  All material posted to the mailing list will be archived to this site unless otherwise specified by the author - if you wish to share it with the list but keep it off of this site, you are free to do so.  Please join the mailing list, by entering your e-mail address.  This indicates understanding and agreement to the nature of the mailing list.  This is for sharing pagan music, prose and poetry only.  This list is for pagans, and those comfortable with and/or tolerant of pagan religions and their members.

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