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I am 18yrs old, blonde haired and green eyes. I enjoy doing many things, I am into playing sports and going to Fun places...

I have recently joined the Navy I will be leaving for boot camp in June...If you have been in the military or have any questions I would love to get some information. I live in California in the Mountains, lakes and rivers,oh and millions of trees, it is a beautiful place.

My mom is a Dr.'s assistant and step-dad is in construction. My real dad is also in construction. I am also as of May going to be an aunt. I have a baby brother who is 3yrs old and is as cute as can be!!

I have lots of family members. My great grandma Lennie lives in the bay area and she is very shy and sweet. My grandma and grandpa Jane and Al are truckers. My grandpa Dean is a ex-preacher :0) my grandma Joan retireing from convalesent work. And my grandpa and grandma Calvin and Bonnie are retired from turkey ranching.

Now you now about me and if you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is avan_tassel@hotmail.com

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Amanda Van Tassel

I am also on ICQ if you would like to
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United States