I may never finish

I plan to have this car ready for May. Below are a few things remaining.

1) Flames The original reason for taking my car to the bodyshop. I had my car painted October 1998 and the shop that did the work had ran out of paint. More was purchased from the same vendor mixed by the same person and was a mile off in color. As usually no one wanted to know anything bodyshop pointed the finger at paint store paint store says should have been blended by bodyshop. The flames would take your eyes away from the color variation. To add to this the paint started bubbling at all the body lines. We sanded a few spots found rust formed, lack of primer main problem. We suspect that the shop wet sanded the car and did not allow enough time for it to dry before applying more primer or color. All the body lines and areas where it would have been easy to sand thru are going to be stripped to bare metal again primed, sealed, blocked and we will repaint the entire car. We are still adding the flames.

2) Scoupe The rear air intake grille is going to get a scoupe to aid in keeping the engine cool. Radiator is in the rear. Maybe steel, the method I prefer but Pete knows best he like fiberglass and has a few nice ideas. Only problem I see are his ideas cost me money.

3)Mechanical I need to finished installing air conditioning. Held off until I could get the heat under control. Automatic transmission with 3:55 posi instead of 4 speed and 4:11's. Anyone need some gears for a V8 Crown car?

4)Interior A few small areas of improvement to come but basically done for now.