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This All Chevy Webring site is owned by
Al Goldstone.

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What is the All Chevy Webring?

This is a collection of sites with information that is related to Chevrolet cars.

The webring system is new and the people in charge of the webring are still suffering a few 'growing pains', so I should say that it is not always available. Hopefully its just a matter of time until everything is smooth (we hope!)

We are attempting to create a 'ring' of Chevrolet sites so that finding one site means that you have found most of them. Searching the internet for Chevrolet(s) turns up lots of information about sites that have lots of info - no info - duplicates - or dead ends. All of the sites in this Chevrolet ring will have fresh, relevant information about our hobby.

How to Join

Joining is simple, easy, and of course..... FREE! There are a few steps to follow, and they are important. Please follow them carefully to avoid complications with the entire 'ring'.
The benefits of belonging should be obvious to all. Traffic to the all the sites will increase, information will be easier to get to, and everyone wins.

Now comes the time to register your page.

This is a bit strange at first, but it works fine. Follow me on this: When you register below, your information is sent to the server and is held 'in queue', at this time it notifies me that you wish to be added and also assigns you a site ID number. Now don't give up! This is all for a good cause, remember? I was intimidated when I first ran into this program and thought 'what is all this farting around for... just add me or forget it!' It really is a good system though, and I believe it has a strong future, especially for sites like ours that are fairly close-knit.

Submit site to All Chevy Webring
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Please choose a password. (Don't forget it!!)
Keywords: Enter up to 20 keywords to describe your site.
Description: Enter a short description of your site.

When you hit enter, you will be given a unique site ID number. Write that number down somewhere. Add the HTML coding below to the page which you have just registered. The purpose of the ring is to link chevrolet pages together, and the link needs to be on the main area. Place it anywhere you like, most of these 'rings' want the link at the top, but I feel its your page and your work, so let's aim for the bottom of the page where its easy to find after they have had a peek at your offerings.

Cut and Paste the following code into your html document

<FONT Size=2>
<a href=""><img src="mtrball.gif" align="left" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=65></a>
<a href=""><img src="mtrball.gif" align="right" WIDTH=72 HEIGHT=65></a>
This <a href=""> All Chevy Webring</a> site is owned by <BR>
Want to join the <A HREF="">All Chevy Webring</A>?</FONT>
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Now.... 'right click' on this image

and save it as mtrball.gif in the same directory that your page is in.

Note: If you do not wish to use this image, you may place anything you like on your page in its place.

This is how the above mess translates out as finished.

This All Chevy Webring site is owned by
Al Goldstone.

Want to join the All Chevy Webring?
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Be sure and change the following:

WELL, almost done, now just send me an email and tell me that you stuck it out this far and that the code is on your page. I will need your ID number that you got when you registered. If things check out OK with the server, then bingo, we're all done.

Maintaining Your Link

If you ever have to modify the information, well, that's taken care of right here! (Thats why you have a password)

Site ID

This will allow you to edit your information.


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