A little about myself

I have been interested in Corvairs since a friend needed my help replacing the engine in his sisters 65 Monza.. I did not have my drivers license yet and remeber being scared I would get caught when he let me drive afterward. Guess that was my reward for my efforts. My parents had an early model years ago and I remember it getting totaled by the plow truck. I have had an interest in cars. Started out working at a gas station in 1978. Progressed to a Local company called Guida's Dairy in 1980 working on heavy equipement might mention old most trucks were older than I was. Moved on in 1981 to a Olds, Pontiac and AMC dealer stayed for 8 years turning wrenches. I had an oportunity to go to a Chevy dealer as a service advisor/assistant manager. Then in 1990 went to a Buick Cadillac GMC franchise as assistant manager in the GMC store. In 1992 I became service manager for all 3 divisions.

Built a home in 1988 which has more garage space than living area. Garage has 1800 sqft were the living area is just under 1400sqft. You can tell where my priorities were. Set the garage up pretty much like a functional shop with all the necessary equipment. Never knew how many friends I had until I finished the garage.