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Single News!!!

Due on Nov 9th is the Steps next single, it will be a AA side. The Steps have filmed 2 videos one for each song the songs are "Heartbeat" (from the Debut album) & "Tradegy" (found on the new Bee Gee's Tribute album!).....more inside.

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This Step One "Steps" Website site owned by DDSlick.
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(From l/r.. Lee, Faye, Lisa, Clarie, H)

Welcome To Step One!

Greetings to all, & welcome to Step One your one stop for everything Steps! Once we are open look for all the latest news, full album in real audio & MP3, info on the Steps, individual bio's on the members, plently of pics...etc

A little about me.....Known as DDSlick, I am a 21/m from the good ol U.S. of A. I follow the euro music market alot, I watch the charts, I follow the acts. At first I had no intrest in Steps for months until I heard their second single "Last Thing On My Mind"...I instantly fell in love with the music, the bueatiful vocal harmonizing of the 5 members reminds me of Abba type. I never liked Abba ever, once I heard "Last Thing On My Mind" the resemblence was amazing, I then looked it Steps and found "5,6,7,8"....a infectious euro dance line dancing track that they released as there first single back in Nov of '97, I immediatly had both singles imported to me within a week.

The 3rd single was "One For Sorrow" and gave the Steps their first #1 single in the UK, after "5,6,7,8" peeking at #16, and "Last Thing On My Mind" #6. Rave reviews started appearing in every music mag, giving the debut album outstanding reviews, rating it with quotes, "Pop album of 98!", "Every track has the potinental to become a smash single!" & "Mix the Backstreet boys with the Spice Girls add some Abba & the Steps are still stronger!", The Album Came as "Step One" with a euro release in Sept '98, it Debuted at #3 outselling other hyped in first week sales such as B*Witched & Billie & Corrs.

Have Stepped Into Step One!!

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