Me at the BOAT

SigTyr's Sailing Club

I just came up with a great Idea.... If I could get 150 people to send me 100 bucks, I would have enough money to pay to restore the boat! (Cheoy Lee Offshore 31 Ketch) So I'm starting the SigTyr Sailing Club. For the low membership fee of 100 bucks. Then members can sail with party legend SigTyr to exotic Carribean ports. Limited Time Offer, Subject to capacity limits per cruise. No one under 18 without parent or gaurdian's written permission. If you are of a morally relaxed attitude, with certain female attributes, chances are we can find room for you . If in the event I can't raise enough money to restore the boat, all money will be wasted on beer and women. What do you think? Sounds like a great Idea, HUH ? e-mail me and tell me what you think... This offer is subject to any rules that apply, If it is against any rules , let me know, so I can change the offer to conform to them... or waste the money on beer and women. You're ole buddy, SigTyr