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Goode Marriages/Deaths, 1700's-1800's, AL, GA, KY, NC and VA

SOME vital statistics on marriages and deaths gathered from GenWeb sites and other research on the Goode family. This page is
under construction and it will be updated as
research progresses. 

Goode Marriages - Alabama 1800's

Goode, Dicie/Thomas, D. 24 Jun 1824 Blount Co
Goode, Sarah Ann/Coleman, Benjamin 19 Mar 1819 Clarke Co
Goode, Sidney M./Scuddy Louisa 7 Nov 1820 Clake Co
Goode, Rebecca/Nicholson, Theopheles 7 Nov 1821 Clarke Co
Goode, Martha/Nicholson, JW 3 Mar 1822 Clarke Co
Goode, Maranda/Greer Andrew 30 Jan 1820 Jefferson Co
Goode, Prudence/Anderson Ferguson 5 May 1820 Jefferson Co
Goode, Hezekiah/Lee Elizabeth 16 Nov 1822 Jefferson Co
Goode, Jane/Byars, William 23 Mar 1824 Jefferson Co
Goode, Gideon/Fulton, Nancy 9 Jun 1823 Lawrence Co

Goode Marriages - Georgia, 1775-1850

Goode, Theresa E./Whitaker, Edwin 29 Oct 1829 Baldwin Co
Goode, Sarah/Epperson, John R. 5 Sept 1849 Cass Co
Goode, Samuel W./Hamilton Eliza 13 Jan 1800 Columbia Co
Goode, Marguerite/Davis, Julian 30 Dec 1824 Decatur Co
Goode, Daniel/Horton, Artimissa 1 Mar 1832 Franklin Co
Goode, George Washington/Baker, Martha  1837 Franklin Co
Goode, Clarey/Roberts, Jo 5 Sep 1804 Greene Co
Goode, Sally/Savage, William 10 May 1824 Habersham Co
Goode, Noah/Vincent, Eliza 10 Jan 1841 Habersham Co
Goode, Matilda/Martin John 16 Jun 1833 Hall Co
Goode, Mary/Blackwell, David G. 14 Dec 1843 Hall Co
Goode, Alfred/Hardage, Margaret 02 Oct 1845 Hall Co
Goode, Martha/Thompson Russell W. 11 Nov 1845 Hall Co
Goode, Edward/Thompson, Martha 5 Feb 1846 Hall Co
Goode  Frances M./Wright, Flewellin (or Lewellin) 25 Nov 1819 Hancock 
Goode, Frances/Hines, Lamech 25 Mar 1824 Hancock Co
Goode, Philip/Carter, Ann (widow) 26 Jan 1785 Liberty Co
Goode, Ann (Mrs.)/Winn Peter 07 Jan 1789 Liberty Co
Goode, Elizabeth/Plunkett, Elijah 20 Dec 1836 Newton Co
Goode, Joseph/Clark Maria Ann 26 Sep 1843 Newton Co
Goode, Louisa/Henderson, Robt. M. 22 Jun 1847 Newton Co
Goode  Joseph/McAdams, Tempy 18 Jul 1847 Newton Co
Goode, Sally/Gillom Daniel 2 Dec 1805 Ogelthorpe Co
Goode, James C/Hopper, Cornelia 14 Dec 1842 Ogelthope Co
Goode, Mary K/Willmet, William 15 jan 1824 Putnam
Goode, Samuel/Kirkpatrick, Martha 4 Jun 1840 Stewart Co
Goode, Mary/Turner Henry 15 Dec 1839 Talliaferrio Co
Goode, Vinetta/Shepherd, Benjamin 28 Mar 1833 Troup Co
Goode, John M (possibly Mackarness)/Stewart Mary 7 May 1840 Troup Co
Goode Sarah L/Sims Sanders B22 Mar 1827 Upson Co
Goode, Frances A/Turner, Edwin C 13 Mar 1828 Upson Co
Goode, Thomas W/Miner, Amanda 210 May 1829 Upson Co
Goode, Benjamin/Holloway, Francie C 11 Oct 1833 Upson Co
Goode, Mary/Johnson Moses 7 Aug 1834 Upson Co
Goode, Martha/Smith, Anderson 21 Dec 1836 Upson
Goode, Mary/Bins, William M 20 Mar 1836 Wilkes Co

Early Goode Marriages-North Carolina

Goode, Edward/Matthews, Creasy 29 Mar 1809 Burke Co
Goode, George/Michaels, Margaret 28 Jan 1825 Burke Co
Goode, Miles/Atkinson Celia 29 Nov 1814 Chatham Co
Goode, Molly/Delay, James 31 May 1810 Rockingham Co
Goode  Robert/Hawkins Martha 04 Jan 1788 Rutherford Co
Goode, John/Goode, Patsy 28 Jan 1789 Rutherford Co
Goode, John/Hawkins Janie 14 Jul 1795 Rutherford Co
Goode, Patsy/Jay Joseph 24 Jul 1799 Rutherford Co
Goode, Aggy/Hopson John 22 Jan 1802 Rutherford Co
Goode, ?/Hopson Henry 21 Ma 1805 Rutherford Co
Goode, Elizabeth/Wells, Noah 19 Jul 1805 Rutherford Co
Goode, Robert/Hawkins Elizabeth 23 Mar 1806 Rutherford Co
Goode, Sally/Hedloe,, Michael 24 Aug 1808 Rutherford Co
Goode, Edward/Rowland, Fanny 22 Nov 1808 Rutherford Co
Goode, George/Waters, Nancy 01 Jan 1818 Rutherford Co
Goode, William/Green, Sarah 24 Aug 1821 Rutherford Co
Goode, Charles/Halbert, Elizabeth 29 Dec 1796  Stokes co
Goode, Jane/Doggett, Richard 6 Dec 1821 Rutherford Co
Goode, Nelly/Martin, William 04 Jan 1798 Stokes Co
Goode, Mary/Jean, Wesley 21 Jan 1799 Stokes co
Goode, Henry/ Blackburn, Phoebe 10 Aug 1809 Stokes Co
Goode, William/Caudle, Polly 25 Feb 1820 Stokes Co
Goode, Betty/Jean William 30 Apr 1787 Surry Co
Goode, John C/Nuttall Mary 22 Feb 1819 Warren Co
Goode, Eliza C/Short, Frederick 6 Dec 1823 Warren Co
Goode, Thomas/Boling, Elizabeth 18  Feb 1819 Wilkes Co

Goode-Early Marriages, Kentucky

Goode, Obediah/Wood Sophia 26 Mar 1822 Christian Co
Goode, Dicey/Bartlett, William 16 Dec 1802 Henry Co
Goode, Margaret/Bartlett, Harry 13 Jan 1804 Henry Co
Goode, Richard/Hancock Polly 15 Jun 1814 Henry Co
Goode, Lemmel (Lemuel?)/Hancock, Martha 15 Feb 1821 Henry Co
Goode, Nancy/Lemon Philip 14 Jul 1796 Lincoln Co
Goode, Ginny/McCan, Robert 20 Aug 1804 Lincoln Co
Goode, Polly/Liks, Jesse 23 Sep 1805 Lincoln Co
Goode, Joseph,/Combes, Nancy 2 Dec 1807 Lincoln Co
Goode, Daniel/Smith, Jenny 19 Mar 1811 Lincoln
Goode, Elizabeth/Cabel, William 6 Jun 1806 Adair Co
Goode, Judith/Atkins, Rowland 6 Nov 1807 Adair Co
Goode, Polly/Phillips, James 19 Apr 1809 Adair Co
Goode, Sarah/Phillips, thomas 19 Dec 1811 Adair Co
Goode, Campbell/Bondurant Susannah 13 Aug 1813 Adair Co
Goode, Patsy /Ball, Allen 20 Sep 1816 Adair Co
Goode, Alfred/Weatherington, Catharine 2 Feb 1819 Adair Co
Goode, Lucinda/Cunningham, James 17 Apr 1825 Adair Co
Goode, Joseph/Goode, Margaret 19 Feb 1813 Caldwell Co
Goode, Thomas/Byars (Byers?) Polly 26 May 1813 Caldwell Co
Goode, Peggy/Byars (Byers?) Joseph 27 Oct 1817 Caldwell Co
Goode, Micajah/Mercer, Delila 20 Jul 1812 Casey Co
Goode, Lindsey/Miller, Elizabeth 07 Jun 1824 Casey Co
Goode, Ed/Goode Polly 5 Oct 1809 Christian Co
Goode, Elizabeth/padfield, Joseph 20 Feb 1812 Christian Co
Goode, Joseph/Goode, Margaret 29 FEb 1813 Christian Co
Goode, Thomas/Byars, Polly 30 Mar 1813 Christian Co
Goode, Sally/Farrish Edward F  20 Apr 1815 Christian Co
Goode, Lucinda/Pritzer, Cary A 2 Feb 1817 Christian Co
Goode, Benjamin/Daniel, Nancy 31 Jan 1820 Christian Co

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Goodes in Virginia Newspapers

-Goode, Emily, youngest daughter of John Goode, Powhatan Co.,m. Thomas Towman of  Goochland Co. 12/14/1815 - from Richmond VA Enquirer.
-Lewry, Mrs. Rebecca Ann Goode, child of Bennett Goode of Powhatan Co. died 8/14/1827 leaving her husband and two small children. Richmond Va. Enquirer.
-Goode, Rev. Edmund, officiated at the marriage of Mr. Walthall C. Goode, and Miss Anne Lewis, daughter of the late John Lewis of NJ 8/25/1827. Richmond VA Enquirer.
-Goode, Mrs. Sarah B. Age 22 d. 6/9, 1825, wife of William O. Goode, leaving 2 children. At Boydton, Mecklenburg Co. VA. Phoenix Williamsburg Gazette.
-Goode, Anne Elizabeth Rebecca of Powhatan Co. m. Edward Baugh. Married by Rev. Woodfin, May 13, 1820. Richmond Commercial Compiler.
-Goode, Joshua, d. 1843, Richmond VA Oct 12. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser.
-Goode, Abner d. 843, Oct 20 Age 43. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser. 
-Goode, Mrs. Eleanor H. d. 12/14/1843 leaving a husband and two children. (Note, husband name not mentioned.) Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser.
-Goode, Anna Marie, dau. of John B. Goode, married to John Cary on 10/7/1834. American Beacon and Norfolk and Portsmouth Daily Advertiser.
-Goode, Francis, d. April 7 1814 at home in Powhatan Co. VA. Virginia Patriot. 
-Goode, Sarah,  (by Rev. John Ravenscroft, later Episcopal Bishop of North Carolina.) married Oct 7 1834 to Mr. Richard H. Baptist, attorney at law, Mecklenburg Co. Va. Patriot.
-Morrison, Mary M. Goode, wife of Brockenborough Morrison, died Aug. 21 1821. She was the daughter of Francis Goode. She left her husband, 4 children and mother. Richmond Commercial Compiler. 
-Goode, Col. Robert: mother in law Mrs. Lucy Childrey age 56, w/o the late Capt. William Children, died at the Goode residence 9/16/1836. Richmond Courier.
-Goode, Benjamin E. Elder, officiated at the marriage of Walter Chandler to Mary Ann Vaughn on Aug 30 1839. Richmond Compiler.
-Goode, Benjamin E. officiates at marriage of Nathaniel Garrett to Sarah Lankford Sept. 1839, in Manchester VA. Richmond Compiler.
-Goode, William O. marries Sarah Massie daughter of Dr. Nelson Massie of Nelson Co. on Sept 10 1829. Mr. Goode resides in Mecklenburg Co. VA. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, John marries ann Leftwich, eldest daughter of Capt. Jack Leftwich, Mar. 5 1823, Rev. William Leftwich officiating. All reside Bedford Co. VA. Lynchburg Virginian.
-Goode, Theodorick, youngest son of the late Col. Robert Goode of Whitby, died May 3 1810. Virginia Argus.
-Goode, Eliza J. of Chesterfield Co. marries Philip F. Southale (sp?) of Amelia Co. VA on 12/16 1845. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser.
-Goode, Patsy, second dau. of Col. Robert Goode of Whitby, marries James Scott Jr. of Manchester on July (?) 1804. Virginia Gazette and General
-Goode, Edward P. of Washington DC marries Miss Charlotte G. DeWolfe at the residence of Absalom Woodruff She is the daughter of Gen. George De Wolfe. 8/19/1854. Richmond Whig and Public Advertiser. 
-Goode Sarah Carter age 2 daughter of Dr. Thomas and Mary A. Goode d. 11/26/1854, Lombardy, VA. Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser.
-Goode Susan, daughter of Thomas Goode m. James F. Hanner 1/14/1847: all of Buckingham Co. VA. Richmond Whig & Public Advertiser.
-Goode, Julet Virginia daughter of William C. Goode marries M.M. Jordan Nov 7 1855 at Wheatland, Mecklenburg Co. VA. Richmond Whig, etc.
-Goode, Mackarness, age 76, ddied 5/7/1857 Mecklenburg Co. VA. Richmond Whig, etc.
-Goode Polly, eldest daughter of Col. Robert Goode married to John Spottswood Jr. Oct 1795. Virginia Gazette and Richmond and Manchester Advertiser. 
-Goode, Francis, of Chesterfield Co. married Martha Hughes of Powhatan Co. on Oct 28 1795. Va. Gazette and Richmond and Manchester Advertiser.
-Goode, Col. Francis d. Apr 23, 1795 on the sloop Fanny on his way home from Philadelphia to Chesterfield Co. Va. Gazette and Richmond Chronicle.
-Goode, Richard E., Attorney, married Dec 1796 to Sally H. Woodson, both of Chesterfield Co. VA. Virginia Argus.
-Goode, John of Chesterfield Co. m. Lucy Herbert Claiborne Nov 11 1797. Va Gazette and Petersburg Times.
-Goode, William O. of Mecklenburg Co. m. Sarah Bolling Tazewell of Williamsburg, Jan 27 1820. The wedding took place at the seat of Joseph Watkins in Goochland Co. American Commercial Beacon and Norfolk and Portsmouth Daily Advertiser.
-Goode, Elizabeth H. daughter of the late Francis Goode of Powhatan Co. married William W. Mosby, 10/11/1836 in Powhatan Co. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Henry L. m. Harriet W. Davis 10/14/1837 all of Powhatan Co. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Benjamin E. Elder, officiates at marriage, 1840. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Philip D. of Charlotte Co VA marries Mary E. Lindsay, oldest daughter of Capt. James H. Lindsay of Prince Edward Co. 2/12/1840. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, William L. d. Nov 1849 in Rodney, Mississippi, age 29. A native of Chesterfield Co. VA. Richmond VA Whig.
-Goode, John W. of Memphis TN died 8/16/1851 at his father in law's home near Pulaski TN. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, William T. formerly of Richmond m. Eliza Coleman of Lynchburg VA on 9/15/1847. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Agnes daughter of the late John C Goode, of Mecklenburg Co. VA marries James J Williamson of Dinwiddie Co VA 10/26/1837
Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Mrs. Elizabeth, died 3/26/1838. Widow of hte late Thomas Goode. She was age 80. Richmodn Whig.
-Goode, Minerva, m. John C. Gaines 11/28/1838, both of Charlotte Co. VA. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Mrs. Sarah A. d. Jan 24, 1839: wife of Joshua Goode. Richmond Whig.
-Tucker, Ann Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Goode Tucker, died 4/10/3829 in Northhampton NC leaving 2 children. 
-Goode, Rev. Edmund, officiates at the marriage of 72 year old Mr. Charles Forsee to Miss Rebecca Branch, Apr 27 1826. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Lt. Robert of Chesterfield Co. son of Col. Francis Goode of Goode's Bridge died Mar. 3. 1837 in Norfolk Co. at the home of Col. Samuel Salyer. Virginia Gazette Williamsburg.
-Goode, Miss S. wife of Col. Robert Goode of Whitby died May 3 1807. Virginia Gazette.
-Goode, Col. Robert of Whitby died March or April 20 1829. Virginia Gazette Williamsburg.
-Goode, John H. son of Sen. John Goode of Powhatan Co. died Sept 9 1822. Richmond Daily Mercantile Advertiser. 
-Goode, Joshua of Richmond married Fanny A. Trueheart, daughter of George W. Trueheart of Hanover Co. VA on Nov 7 1841. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Rev. Edmund, officiates at themarriage of David J. lacy of Powhatan Co. to Sussana Seal of Richmond. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Elizabeth H., daugher of the late Francis Goode of Powhatan Co. married William W. Mosby, 10/11/1836. Lynchburg Virginia Gazette.
-Goode, Mrs. Virginia Ann, wife of John Goode, daughter of Thomas Brown of Chesterfield Co. died age 27 on 4/27/1852. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Joseph O. married Martha obinson 12/28/1853 in Washington DC. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Rev. S.P. officiates at the marriage of james Davis to Mary Leslie, at Lucern, Jefferson Co. (now West Virginia.) March 7, 1844. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Mrs. Sarah A. wife of William O. Goode, daughter Dr. Massie of Nelson Co. died Apr. 14 1833, Mecklenburg Co. VA. Richmond Visitor and Telegraph.
-Goode, Joseph m. Eudora Virginia Jenks, 9/12/1844. She was the youngest daughter of Capt. S. Jenks. Richmond Visitor and Telegraph.
-Goode, William G. Attorney, married Miss Srah Massie, 9/10/1829, Dr. of Dr. Massie of Nelson Co. VA. Richmond Visitor and Telegraph.
-Goode, Lucy daughter of the late Col. Samuel Goode m. Charles Baskerville on Jun 25, 1823. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, William, at his house, the death of Mrs. Catherine Tazewell, Dec 8 1823 age 58. In Boydton VA. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, Col. Samuel, d. 11/14/1822, age 67, Mecklenburg Co. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, Mary, daughter of Rev. Edmund Goode of chesterfield Co. m.Joseph G. Woodfin Mar 209 1828, marriage performed by Rev. Samuel Watkins. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, Martha Ann w. m. Mr. Marshall L. Harris, Charlotte Courthouse, VA 11/19/1829. She is the daugher of the late Hillary Goode. Visitor and Telegraph.
-Goode, Martha Anne of Richmond m. Edmund Steane, 12/23/1824. Richmond Commercial Compiler.
-Goode, Mildred m. William O. Thomas, 6/19/1830, by Rev. Turpin, in Henrico Co. Richmond Commecial Compiler.
-Goode, Samuel married Mary Pleasants (Gatewood?) daughter of Col. S. V. Gatewood Oct 5 1858 at Mountain Grove Bath Co. VA. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Samuel H. of Mecklenburg Co. d. 4/19/855
-Goode, Sarah marries Richard Baptist, attorney, Mar 18 1818. She ws the daugher of Col. Samuel Goode, Mecklenburg Co. Richmond Whig.
-Goode, Mary V. daughter of the late Robert Goode marries Capt. Valerius McGinnis, Mar 17 1837. Lunchburg Virginian. 
-Goode, Sarah Mrs. married Maxwell Trokes of New York City, Aug 7 1820. She was of Manchester VA. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, Ann E. R. married Francis C. Lowry 5/13/1850 at the residence of Mr. Edward Baugh of Powhatan Co. VA. Richmond Enquirer.
-Goode, Martha daughter of the late Col. Samuel Goode, married James W. Bouldin, attorney, of Charlotte Co. VA. 

********all from the Library of Virginia, Henley Newspaper Collection, digital Library. Please consult the Library on-line or the original source material to verify research.*********************

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