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Welcome to SAVgraf Pictures StationWelcome to SAVgraf
Pictures Studio!

  If You got into the network to enrich their own projects (publishing, advertising models, web-sites and other...) by the graphics and illustrations, You have got the right address.
  Collected here to illustrations, design developments and simply visual models are not extravagant and worrying fashionable, but wholly practical and sanguine concrete.
  At this time a collection is no quickly renewed. On all stages of this motion You may be notified on the panel of news that on the right.

  If you are required pictures or design Your WEB-site - will be contact us.

 Picture of week:
Picture for site Roi's Auto
Picture for Roi's site

Design for RTH ConsultingLast work - create the design of web-site for Auto Repair Center. Create hand graphics for headers...
Site s201.netDesign of S201 site about Honda-club from Novosibirsk...
Design for RTH ConsultingLast work - create the design of web-site for RTH Consulting. Create templates of internal pages...
Design of site Online MedicationCreate the design of web-site forOnline Medication. Also maked icons and logo...
New design of Samsung-ZirexCreate of design for
SamsungZirex com, -producing cd-discs.
Several extravagant design.
Design of FallonConsultants site.Was create design for Fallon Consultants Company.
Design of Novosoft TechDesign of Tech Novosoft portal. Here i was create the logo and illustrations for internal pages.

Current work
 Site of Cedar Silicon
 Doctor Markov site
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Softbox for WAPT
Create illustrations ffor site
— Executed development
of design for the new programmers product of the companies "NOVOSOFT" - XML- convertor RTF2FO. You can visit this site
and gain this programms.
— Create design of first page for new site "Modern Novosibirsk".
— Made illustrations to article on fashion for - HelenSite

— Renewed collection an icons and monochrome pictures on theSAVgraf 2
Аудиокассеты для звукозаписи. Оптом. Иван Сусанин - новый каталог Интернет ресурсов
HelenSite - твой личный стилист...

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