Christianity was formed during the time of Christ, however, it has it's roots within Judaism.

Around 5 B.C. (that exact date is uncertain), Christ was begotten by God the Father for the sole purpose of providing us with a suitable sacrifice in which our sins are cleansed and our souls renewed.

As mentioned in Genesis and throughout the entire Bible, we are born into sin through Adam's disobedience.  As a measure of repentance, we were then told to sacrifice the finest and cleanest of all animals so that our sins were to be removed and we were to be forgiven.  This practice was held by the Jewish people and all people who worshipped the God of Isaac and Jacob.

The birth of Christ brought the human race into a new era of mercy and grace.  It is through Christ's death on the cross that redeems us.  It is his sacrifice that replaces the animal sacrifices and it is his blood that sustains us through this transitory life.

Christ became the last sheep that was sacrificed and his death and resurrection gives us the blessing of dwelling in His presence for all eternity for all those who accept him as savior and Lord.