On a personal note


     Pornography.  What is it?  What does it entail?  Is it art?  Is it an expression of cultural awareness and a way of life that should be considered normal and just routine behavior and practices?  Or is it sinful, an abomination, or bondage that should be placed in the garbage with the rest of the trash?

    My opinion is this: pornography is simply a genre of material (whether it be videos or pictures) that needs to be burned, kicked out of society and just plain banned.  The American Library Association is going as far as to say that children should be able to view such pornography because telling children it is wrong to view such nature is considered to be "discriminatory of age."

    When should we draw the line?  It is not just a Christian ethic not to have children to view such material, but it should be every human emotional response.  No one should observe any material in pornographic nature.  It degrades women, men, and children alike.  It destroys homes, families, and marriages.  Pornography destroys lives and should be regarded as any other material that destroys...pornography should be switched from the destroyer to the destroyed.

    When we allow pornography to be as free as it is and when we allow children to view such material (adults shouldn't view much less children) we are destroying the very future and culture we try to save through other means (such as Environmentalism, Children health care, etc.).  A person I respect highly said something that would forever stick in my mind; "A person who tries to think too much often comes up with the most silliest answers."