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Greetings and salutations!  Welcome to my website. I apologize for such a long update.  Yes, I still exist out there in the universe!  I just started seminary for the quarter and with all my studying, this page seemed to get lost in the shuffle.   This webpage will soon be available for Netscape users very, very soon! 
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As this site improves, so will the options listed within.  As the site grows, I promise to add links and other "goodies" that I hope you will enjoy.  This site will cover mainly topics of Religious freedom and the Pro Life stand against abortion.  Also, more topics will be introduced over the course of time.  I'm also going to add a link to a daily scripture verse plus I'm thinking about adding a Bible Study Page.

On a Personal Note (This editorial is updated bi-monthly so check in every now and then)

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 Miscellaneous Links

          ifriendly.comThis site gives you the ability to adjust your internet capabilities so that  your children can surf the net without worry of entering an "improper" site.  It's definitely worth the look!

       American Center for Law and JusticeThis site provides Christians who feel that their religious rights are being jeopardize or just want some information concerning legal issues centered around a Christian Philosophy.  Number one legal site!

          St Paul's Reformed Episcopal ChurchThis is our home church in Oreland, Pa.

         The Reformed Episcopal Church Main PageThis is the official web site for our denomination.  It contains doctrine information, parish locations, and keeps you informed of the latest news centered around the REC.  Plus, if you don't know what the Book of Common Prayer is, they have both txt. and pdf. (Adobe Acrobat required) versions of it.  Check it out!

           Daily Scripture Verse Software:  Get this trial version of Daily Scripture verse.  Hey, it's free!

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