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Updated June, 25/99!

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Serena is an ordanary 14 year old who loves to eat sweets, go to the arcade, shop, and watch boys. Until a strange cat by the name of Luna found her and revealed to her, her ultmate destany as "The Sailor Scout of the Moon." Serena thought she was going crazy because everyone knows cats don't talk. Luna gave Serena a special locket which will transform her into Sailor Moon. Serena didn't believe her at first, so Luna had to proove it to her. She told Serena to say "Moon Prisim Power." When she did she became Sailor Moon defender of love and justice. Now she fights the negaverse with her friends Sailr Jupiter(Lita) Sailor Mars(Raye) Sailor Venus(Meena) Sailor Mercury(Amie) and Tuxedo Mask(Darien) who only appears when the scouts are in trouble. Serena finally figures out the truth about where she came from, and about her family in the Moon Kingdom. She also meets her mother for the first time- Queen Serenity (below)

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