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Gee, it's been a while hasn't it! Well, here is my latest column.

I haven't been following WCW much lately because of the lame angles. So, here's what Sisco Sez about what's going on in WCW:

Wolfpac=LAME!!!!! Don't get me wrong, Nash is still and always will be the man, but the rest of the pac is an angle gone stale. Sting and Luger belong in WCW, not the nWo! I really could care less where K-Dawg goes at this point. Everyone is jumping on the Wolfpac bandwagon, when nWo Hollywood is still doing the things that made us like the nWo in the first place! So, it finally comes out that all the nWoites were babyfaces all the time. Here's how it should be: nWo (black and white, dump the fucking Wolfpac)-Hollywood, Nash, Hall, Giant (he is better as a heel), Buff, Savage (if he comes back). Those would be the main members. As for the lackeys, keep Vince, K-Dawg (maybe), and some other small names (I can't think right now, it's 2 am). Sting and Luger go back to WCW, and we are back where we started. That's the way it should be! nWo vs. WCW, not nWo vs. nWo vs. WCW!

As for the rest of the angles in WCW, they're old, stale, bad, and just plain boring, too boring to mention.

As for the WWF, they are getting the heat, and the ratings with half the talent WCW has. DX can carry the fed, but they don't have to. Undertaker and Austin can carry the fed, as can HBK. The Nation is getting attention because of DX, and soon, they will be a stand alone stable. All we need is the original Road Warriors back, and we are in business!

Sorry for the short column, but I am tired as hell. I'll try to have something intelligent to you by Friday.

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