Rimster's Rants

By The Rimster

Why The WWF is Better Than The WCW

I have been a true wrestling fan for over a year now. I mean sure, I watched it as a child, but who didn't. I watch WWF and WCW every Monday Night and switch back and forth between channels. I was watching the other night and saw how loud it got in the WWF arenas This lead me to an instant thought. That WWF had bigger stars than the WCW. I soon started thinking about it and realized that I had been wrong. WCW defenately had bigger stars.

I started watching and came up with a second theory. WWF has better fans than the WCW. The reason the WWF gets so loud is because it has the best fans in wrestling. When Sting or Kevin Nash come out on Nitro you could hear a pin drop. The most the WCW ever get are a fews boos when Hollywood Hogan comes out. On a good night in WCW the fans get as loud for Diamond Dallas Page as the WWF fans get for D.O.A. on an average night for WWF.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not taking anything away from Degeneration X or Stone Cold Steve Austin, the fans are what make the WWF. That is why the WWF consistantly beats the WCW in ratings. It just goes to show, that no matter how much Eric Bischoff lures big wrestlers away from the WWF with Ted Turner's money, the WWF will always be better because no matter what happens they will always have the better fans.

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