WWF Backlash '99

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Following the live HEAT, a sold-out Providence Civic Center welcomed Backlash to Pay-Per-View! First up, the Brood took on the Acolytes and Midian in six-man action. Both Bradshaw and Faarooq used their power advantage to pummel Edge and Gangrel, giving the Ministry the early advantage. With all six participants brawling on the outside, Viscera interfered on behalf of the Ministry by crushing Christian into the ring. After getting rolled in the ring, the youngest member of the Brood was finished off with a vicious clothesline from Bradshaw!

Up next, the Championship was on the line as Holly put the gold up against Al Snow. Holly got the early advantage by nailing Al with the title—busting open the challenger--before the battle spilled into the audience. However, Snow answered back by annihilating his foe with a hockey stick and a metal cooking sheet. As the bout wore on, both superstars fought out into the parking area, a giant trash container and even the WWF Television Truck! After returning to the ring, Holly gave his nemesis a superplex off the top rope on a wooden table. However, Al battled back and was able to nail Holly with Head to gain the victory, securing the Championship!

The Intercontinental Championship was on the line as newly crowned titleholder The Godfather defended against Goldust! Flanked by five ho’s, the Las Vegas native was ready to expand his business into Providence, but he had to get past the Golden One first! The Pimp took the early advantage, but the Blue Meanie interfered on behalf of the challenger by tripping the champion. However, when Goldust attempted to throw some powder in the face of the Godfather, the champion turned the tables and used it to blind him! The Meanie attempted to help Goldust, but instead got himself a Shattered Dreams after Goldust mistakenly thought he was nailing the Godfather. Thanks to Goldust’s Ray Charles impression, the champion retained his gold with the Pimp Drop!

In a match that would rocket one team to a title shot against Kane and X-Pac on Thursday’s UPN "Smackdown" special, the New Age Outlaws took on Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett accompanied by a very scantily clad Debra! Prior to the bout, the Outlaws wanted Debra to show her puppies, but once again Jarrett kept her from bearing the bombs! Both teams exchanged a number of high-velocity shots, with Owen and Jeff concentrating their attack on Road Dogg. Debra’s big boys appeared to have the match in hand as Owen had Road Dogg in the Sharpshooter. However, Billy landed the Fame-Ass-Er on the Calgary native, giving the Outlaws the win!

Following the tag team match, both Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly conducted separate backstage interviews with Shane McMahon as well as Vince and Stephanie. Shane promised he would be fair in his referee capacity—even saying that if Stone Cold had The Rock pinned, he would register the count!

As Paul Wight entered the Boiler Room, Mankind attacked his nemesis with a variety of weapons—even pushing him into a high-voltage closet! After staggering the big man, Foley used several pieces of plywood to knock Wight senseless. The battle continued to deeper into the Boiler Room, as both superstars were cut when Mankind hit Wight with a plate-glass window. However, that was tame compared to Wight next sending Mick through two tables and a series of windows—an assault which sliced and diced the Long Island native. Mick answered back by burying the "Big Show" under hundreds of pipes, and eventually made it to the outside for the win. However, the Boss Man and Test attacked Foley—leading to a confrontation between Wight and the Boss Man while Test got a taste of Socko!

Two former friends clashed into the next bout as DX member X-Pac took on Triple H. Immediately, both superstars unleashed a flurry of rights and lefts on each other, with X-Pac taking the advantage on the outside. Hunter answered back by launching his foe over the top, and rammed his cranium into the Spanish announce table. Back in the ring, as X-Pac set Hunter up for the Bronco Buster, Chyna kept him from executing the move. As a result, he missed his mark, and Triple H took advantage. With X-Pac hurt, his former DX leader attacked his foe’s neck—perhaps attempting to re-injure it. After nearly ten minutes of targeting ‘Pac’s neck, Hunter went for the Pedigree, but his nemesis escaped as the fight spilled to the outside. After the referee was knocked cold, X-Pac hit Hunter with the X-Factor, but Chyna snuck in and issued a low blow to ‘Pac. As she rolled Hunter on top of his former friend, the lights went out and Kane arrived! The Big Red Machine drilled both Hunter and Chyna with chokeslams and set up the Corporate pair for Bronco Busters. However, after riding the Ninth Wonder of the World, ‘Pac turned around to find himself the victim of the Pedigree and the loss!

With vengeance on his mind, Ken Shamrock collided with the Undertaker. From the opening bell, the Man from the Dark Side overpowered his foe, wearing him down with a series of chokes. Shamrock fought back by attacking the Phenom’s ankle and knee, perhaps setting him up for the Ankle Lock Submission. With the Undertaker screaming in pain, the World’s Most Dangerous Man continued to wrench his opponent’s leg. The Ministry leader eventually broke free, and went to work on Shamrock’s back. Later on, as the Undertaker went for the Tombstone, Shamrock reversed it for the Ankle Lock Submission. However, after interference by Bradshaw, the Reaper once again took control. Following a Tombstone, the Man from the Dark Side got the win. After the melee, the Acolyte used a baseball bat to choke out the World’s Most Dangerous Man!

After special guest referee Shane McMahon made his way to the ring, the Federation Championship match between Stone Cold and The Rock got underway. While a Federation employee delivered the Smoking Skull Championship to Shane’s office, the "Great One" went to work on the Rattlesnake by sending him over the top rope. After the fight spilled down the aisle, much of the steel structure surrounding the entrance got knocked down! Stone Cold continued ault with a variety of weapons, but The Rock answered back by bashing his foe with a steel case. Back in the ring, The Rock went airborne after Stone Cold tossed him over the top, leading to the "Great One" issuing the Rock Bottom to the champion on the Spanish announce table. Following a fight over a steel chair, both superstars battled into the audience where Austin apparently injured his knee. However, after The Rock commanded a camera Austin delivered a Stunner to the challenger on the commentator’s table. Back inside, Austin attempted another Stunner but got shoved into Shane—allowing The Rock to hit with another Rock Bottom. At this point, Shane attempted to hit Austin with the championship, but accidentally hit The Rock instead! Shane refused to register the count on Austin’s behalf—which drew out Vince McMahon! Vince clocked his son with the gold, allowing referee Earl Hebner the opportunity to register the count for the Rattlesnake! Following Austin’s victory, Vince returned the Smoking Skull Title to the Rattlesnake!

Prior to the end of the Pay-Per-View, the Ministry was seen attempting to gain entrance into the McMahon’s limo—containing Stephanie! As the limo sped off, Stephanie screamed for the driver to wait for Vince, at which point the window rolled down…revealing the Undertaker as the driver! While the owner watched the Rattlesnake celebrate in the ring, little did he know the Ministry had abducted his daughter! Back To Raven's Page