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Theme Music

  • n.W.o. Hollywood Theme

  • Hollywood Hogan Theme

  • n.Wo. Wolfpack Theme (Clear, No Crowd Noise, Complete)

  • n.W.o. Jobber's Theme

    Sound Clips

  • n.W.o. System .Wavs
    This is a .zip file of n.W.o. sounds I have compiled, they can be used for default beeps, and the like.

  • Bischof...We Are In Control!(24.2K)
  • Bischof...Bite Me JJ Dillon(113.1K)
  • Bischof...Bite Me!(19.4K)
  • Savage...OHHH YEAHHH(15.4K)
  • Syxx...Dissin On Ric Flair(92K)
  • Hogan...Sting and his Black Bat!(77.7K)
  • Macho..I hate Hogan..(97K)
  • Red & Black Attack..(68.4K
  • Buff is the Stuff...(59.9K)
  • You ain't bouty, bouty...(67.8K)
  • WCW...BITE THIS!(67.4K)

    Kevin Nash Sounds

    Nash World Order(57.8K)
    Wölpack is the biggest beast...(114K)
    Wölfpac are running the show...(86.4K)
    Am I increditably tonight or...(68.5K)
    Red & Black Attack...(115K)
    More Meat on my bones...*L*(101K)
    Bring It On Baby!(31.6K)
    Beat In The Middle(31.9K)
    Since We're Calling The Shots(40.4K)
    The Only Reason You People Breath Is Because I allow It!(41.2K)
    Just Too Sweeet!!(49.6K)
    NWO 4-LIFE!...Dissin Ted Debiase(441K)
    Nash Dissin Debiase About The Stiner Brothers(165.4K)
    Lex, Whaddya Bench?(88.7K)
    NWO, Hollywood and The Wolfpack Are Just Too SwEEEEEt...(212K)
    Nash answers why he was wearing an HBK T-shirt(159.6K)
    Guys, The Beer is on ice...(78.9K)
    Dissin on Arn Anderson's career(179.3K)
    THUG LIFE BABY!(20.8K)
    Not their spot, anybody's spot, not your dog spot...But My Spot!(794K)
    Nash, Hall & Syxx.. "Bad Boyz, What You Gonna Do..."(161K)

    Scott Hall Sounds

    You Jump NWO, You're NWO 4-Life(49.3K)
    I Just Gotta Say..."Whatever"(26.8K)
    We're The Stuff!(38.6K)
    Hall Dissin The Steiners About The Tag Team Belts(109.9K)
    Hall Dissin The Giant

    Video Clips / Animated .Gif's

    Buff Gets Injured On THUNDER

    Hogan Beats Macho For The Title!

    Hogan Hits Nash With The Bat!

    Nash Comes To The Aid Of Savage!

    Nash Powerbombs Sting!

    Hogan Pinning Sting At Starcade

    Hollywood suplexes DDP on the concrete floor., Monday Nitro, 698K

    Macho's amazing leap to help Hogan!, Halloween Havoc '97, 726K

    Sting punks the nWo!, Monday Night Nitro, 698K

    Hogan wins back the nWo title, Hog Wild '97, 1039K

    Luger beats Hogan for the belt, Monday Nitro, 981K

    The Giant choke slams Bischoff., Monday Nitro, 645K

    Lex Luger racks Bischoff., Monday Nitro, 621K

    Lex Luger racks the nWo!, Bash At The Beach '97, 1003K

    Kevin Nash sends Mysterio Jr. into orbit., Monday Nitro, 608K

    The Giant chokes Dennis Rodman., Monday Nitro, 471K

    DDP slams Savage through a table., The Great American Bash '97, 503K

    Sting DDT's Bischoff., Monday Nitro, 934K

    The nWo swarm The Nature Boy., Monday Nitro, 644K

    Kevin Nash spears Luger into the top turnbuckle., Monday Nitro, 392K

    Macho Man drops a double axe handle on DDP., Spring Stampede '97, 376K

    The Outsiders sing the Cops TV show theme., Monday Nitro, 452K

    Dennis Rodman joins the nWo., Monday Nitro, 746K

    Batter up!! Sting slugs the nWo., Uncensored '97, 746K

    Nash Powerbombs The Giant!, SuperBrawl VII, 624K

    Marcus Bagwell joins the nWo!, Monday Nitro, 561K

    Guerrero is slung into ladder by Syxx., nWo Souled Out, 528K

    The Giant heaves Mysterio Jr., World War III '96, 289K

    Macho Man clobbers Hogan with a chair., Halloween Havoc '96, 451K

    Piper attacks Hogan with a belt., Monday Nitro, 588K

    Piper chokes Hogan with a belt., Starrcade '96, 475K

    Hogan and the nWo attack The Giant., Monday Nitro, 893K

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