Here you will find sound and video clips of DX, as well as themes.

Theme Music

Degeneration X Theme (Crystal Clear Quality, NO CROWD NOISE!)

Degeneration X Theme, LIVE At Summerslam '98

Shawn Michaels Theme

X-Pac Theme (Crystal Clear Quality, NO CROWD NOISE!)

New Age Outlaws Theme (Crystal Clear Quality, NO CROWD NOISE!)

Hunter Hearst Helmsley Theme

Videos, Sounds, and Animated .Gif's

HHH does the Pedigree GIF

HHH does the Pedigree To Mankind through a Table at KOTR AVI

Hunter Hearst Helmsley pedigrees Rock-a-Billy while Chyna slams Honky Tonk Man AVI

HHH Belly-to-back superplexes that lands Flash Funk on his face AVI

HHH beats on Makind with the KOTR Crown A

HHH Shows Us his big Bazooka

HHH ddt's Owen Hart on the Raw Ramp

HHH hits Chainsaw Charlie Over the head with a Trash Can

HHH Does the Crotch chop from WWF.Com

Chyna hits Mankind in the back of the head with a Chair AV

Chyna hits Owen with a Baseball Bat

A Clip of The DX Video In AVI Format AVI

DX powerbombs one of The Headbangers through a TableAVI

Triuple H beats HBK for The European Title

DX Spike Piledrive Chainz of DOA

DX Beat up on Savio and another Guy

X-Pac helps out HHH

DX does the Nation Skit

DX Recruits XPac to Join DX

DX Droppin Knowledge Part 1

DX Dropping Knowledge Part 2

DX Droppin Knowldege Part 3

DX Droppin Knowledge Part 4

DX Drops The Bomb on WCW

DX Assults WCW

HBK and Diesel Play Paper Rock Sicsor

Shawn Michaels wins the 1995 Royal Rumble

DX wish you a Very Merry X Mas

Shawn Michaels wins the WWF Title for the Third Time

Quotes, Words Of Wisdon

Triple H Does the Michael Buffer Thing

Triple H talks about his Body

Triple H comments on Sunny

HBK runs with the Heard

HBK tells McMachon he is the Dumbest SOB

HBK does the Crime and I pay the Crime

HBK comments on Big Daddy Cool

Triple H talks about his Ballroom

Triple H tells of Sgt.Slaughter

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