Here is an F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) List Concerning Degeneration X. It Was Compiled By To Answer The Most Common Questions That HE Received About DX. I DID NOT Write This F.A.Q.

Q.Who are Degeneration X? I do not watch Wrestling Much.

A.Degeneration X are a group like the nWo but better. They do more pranks than the nWo. DX consist of 5 members right now. Hunter Hurst Helmsley, Chyna,Xpac,and The New Age Outlaws. Shawn Michaels is a former member but is at home nursing his back.


Q.Where can I purchase Degeneration X Merchandise?

A.You can perchise DX merchadise in the WWF shopzone which is located on the WWF Webpage at and you can buy them at you nearist Hot Topic store in your local mall or wherever.


Q.Who does the Degeneration X Theme Music?

A.A lot of people have asked me that. If you listen to it is not Rage Against The Machine. It is a band Called The Conniect Yankees.


Q.What is Shawn and Triple H's real name?

A.Shawn real name is Michaels Hickkenbottom and Helmsley real name is John Paul Leaveque.


Q.I have heard of something called The Kliq. What or who are they?

A.The kliq is a group of wrestlers who were really close while in the WWF. They consist of HBK,Shawn Waltman(xpac),Scott Hall,Kevin Nash and Hunter Hurst Helmsley.


Q.Who or what is Chyna?

A.Chyna is a female body builder. You may think she is ugly but she has more money than you do. She was brought into DX by Triple H.

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