Who are in Guns n' Roses


This picture shows the 5 members of the original line up: (From Left to Right)

Izzy Stradlin' on the rythm guitar, a great song writer too. He also sings a few songs

Duff "Rose" McKagan, on the bass guitar, this guy can also play drums, guitar and he sings some songs.

William Axl Rose, the band's singer. Great song writer, we can also hear him playing piano, guitar and even kazoo!

Steven Adler, the first drummer of the band. We can hear him on Appetite For Destruction and Guns N' Roses Lies. + Civil War (UYI 2). He has been kicked out of the band in 1990 because of his drug problems.

And finally, Slash! On the lead guitar. The most amazing guitarists that ever walked on this planet. He's just the BEST ever!

When the "Use Your Illusion" albums were released, the band had a different line up:

On the picture: (from left to right)

Duff McKagan (Bass Guitar)

Slash (Lead Guitar)

Matt Sorum (Drums)

W. Axl Rose (Vocals, Piano)

Izzy Stradlin' (Rythm Guitar)

Dizzy Reed (Keyboards/Piano)

Izzy Stradlin' left the band soon after the release of the two "Illusion" albums. So they had to choose a new rythm guitarist to go on tour, and they choosed Gilby Clark (Yeah, the man with a new Corvette!). This guy also played guitar on "The Spaghetti Incident?" and on Slash's Snakepit's first album.
During the "Use Your Illusion" tour (1991-1993), the biggest world tour ever i think, with over 7 000 000 tickets sold, a couple of other musicians performed with Guns N' Roses. On the keyboards, backing vocals & harmonica there was Mr. Teddy "Zig Zag / Big Bag" Andreadis, on the saxophones & trumpet there was the "976 horns" (liza maxwell, Anne King & Cece Worrall; by the way, if anyone knows who's playing what, please tell me!). The background singers were Roberta Freeman, Diane Jones and Traci Amos. And during this tour, a couple of special guests performed with GNR, including Joe Perry & Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Shannon Hoon (blind melon), Lenny Kravitz, Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)...
New GN'R:

Axl Rose is now with a completely different band but he decided to still call this "Guns N' Roses". I don't really agree with that because Axl Rose alone is not enough to call it GN'R, he should use another name just like Slash did with Snakepit; but that's just my opinion. Anyways, this new band is featuring Axl Rose on vocals, Tommy Stinson on bass, Buckethead, Paul Huge and Robin Finck on guitars, Mr. "Brain" on Drums and Dizzy Reed & Chris Pittman on keyboards.

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