The Sheffield Preservation Project is a historical preservation prject in Sheffield Village Ohio. The area covered is the Original Sheffield Township (Range 17 Township 7). It includes Sheffield Village, Sheffield Lake, Sheffield Township, East Lorain, and South Lorain Ohio. The Range 17 Project, and Thomas K. Hoerrle can be reached by email at R17t7@Hotmail.com . The picture on this page is of the historic Eleanor Burrell House in Sheffield Village, Ohio. All the buildings described in this website are private residences. They are not open to the public, unless noted.

History of Sheffield Ohio.

Sheffield History Page: A short history of the Original Sheffield Township
Sheffield Historic Homes: Interesting histories of some historic Sheffield Homes
Day - Root Cemetery : Where the early menbers of the Day and root Families are buried
Garfield Cemetery : Where the Burrell's and Garfield's are buried

Burrell Homestead and French Creek Park.

The Burrell Homestead: The Burrell Homestead and the Underground Railroad.
French Creek Park: An interesting history of The French Creek Park
Burrell/King House - Oberlin: Another historic Burrell House located in Lorain County Ohio.
Burrell Homestead 1820 - 2000: Some Interesting Photos Marking the 180th Year of the Burrell Home
More interesting photos of the Burrell Homestead.: Photos of the parlor and sitting room of the Burrell Homestead. Plus a winter photo of the farm. These photos are in memory of Eleanor B. Burrell. December 26, 1905 - January 21, 2001.

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