Rex Nebular Quiz
Date added - 30th April 1999

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1. What is the name of Rex's ship?

The Aluminum Mallard
The Millenium Falcon
The Slippery Pig
The Barbosa

2. What do you do to the monkey that stole your binoculars?

Kick him
Trip him
Catch him
Hose him down

3. What is the statue in the underground complex wearing?

A bowtie
A sailor's uniform

4. Which is not an ingredient in the bomb Rex makes?


5. What Saharra game is on sale in the software store?

Polyester Suit Peter
The Incredible Edibile Machine
Quest for More Money II: Selling bad games for big profit
Space Pest 3: The Pirates of Pestulon

6. Why can't you take the shovel out of the engine room?

It's just decoration
It's heavy
It woudn't fit in your pants
It's been fused to the wall of the ship

7. Who is the owner of the Residence in the game?

Sgt. Muffbunny

8. How did the women win the Great Gender War?

They refused to please the men, so all the men left
They killed all of them with steak knives
They developed a virus that killed all the men
The men got sick of arguing with the stubborn women, and just gave up.

9. Who is paying Rex to go on this adventure and why?

His father, to find Rex's mother
Col. Stone, to recover a vase
Male refugees of the war, to spy on the women
No one, it's a vacation for Rex

10. In what year was Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender first released?