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Maxwell Poetry!

Moment of Love:

Confusion is as high as a mountain Intricate like a pattern found in the desert Lonely like a bee lookin' for honey in the winter Snowflakes fallin'in the ocean Washin' away your knowledge while the waterfall has dried up Time ticks even after my watch stops Batteries recharge my eyes. Countin' the seconds to get back to you Waitin' away the silence Lookin' for the noise of love The color of you words is in my head Playin' a great song Light covers my eyes And holds me suspended in a moment of love.

By Queen Bee (c) 1998

Ocean Rhythm!

The Ocean of your voice The Wave of your kiss Crashin' over every part of me. A Rhythm of motion The Tide comin' in and out Splashin' new treats to pick up. Saved in mind of seaweed. Wrapped in a beautiful seashell. To put on my shelf of memories to hear all the time.

(c) Queen Bee 1998

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