Welcome to The Global On Reflection Giant Gathering

On October 9, 1999 members of the On Reflection Digest met at the Heartland Brewery in midtown Manhattan New York. We were approximately 50+ people. If this were the 60's, it would have been called a "love in". People were so glad to finally meet each other in person, that there was a constant stream of hugging. No one wanted to leave. We are grateful to the Heartland Midtown for being so gracious and staying open a bit later than usual for us.

Many thanks to Messrs. Tindall and Hilton for their assistance in correctly naming the crew. If there are errors...PLEASE let me know and I WILL make the necessary corrections. Apologies in advance.

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Pictures Courtesy of Jerry McCarthy

Postings to the OR Digest courtesy of Jerry McCarthy and Bert Vijn

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