Full Name (In present): Tenshi Unmeino

Origin: Moon Kingdom  

Race: Demi-god 

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 157 lb.

Hair: Deep green

Eyes: dark red

Build: Slender, but with good muscle definition.

Description: Handsome, with slightly angular features. Tenshi's canine teeth 

slightly more pointed then normal (a sign of divine heritage)

Powers: Noctrolyte's powers revolve around Reality manipulation and

time manipulation (though to a lesser extent). He also has basic

elemental powers (Light, darkness, fire, air, earth and water).

Weapons: Noctrolyte bears a 3' long katana called Nightbringer.

Nightbringer's blade is made of Meteoric Adamantium, a metal that is

normally impossible to shape or forge... it is a mystery how

Noctrolyte managed to shape it into a sword blade.

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owned by Noctrolyte