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Welcome to my domain!!! I am Lord Tenshi Unmeino Noctrolyte, you're host... This page is devoted to Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon; Chaos Rising, a Sailor Moon fanfic created by me and my webfriends (see the credits section if you'd like to know who they are!). We feel it is definitive... it is still in it's earliest stages, but we are working quickly. I will post the Fic on this page as it is written... it's unedited (just spell checked), but I will get around to it as soon as I get a break from writing. Send any comments/flames to ENJOY!!!

Chaos Rising!:

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Wonderful List of Links

Satsuki's Fanfiction Archive: Carries Chaos Rising! Please submit some more fics for my friend.
Jaime's Dark Kingdom Shrine: First Sailor Moon site I found!!! It always will have a special place in my heart... It's really cool too; check it out!

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