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Hey there, everyone! This is Nedster's Funky Web Page! It's funky! It's crazy! It's even more crazy in places! I'm Nedster. I've had other names in my time. 'Ned'. 'Edmund'. 'You hot love machine'. I have a life of mystery and intrigue, thrills and excitement. By the way, my sites now had visitors from the UK, America, Spain, Russia, Sweden, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, Macedonia, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, South Korea, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Lithuania, Denmark, India, the United Arab Emirates, the Czech Republic, and Singapore! That's every country in the world (nearly)! And if you're using AOL, go here.

LOTS AND LOTS of you have visited my page. Ah! See? A working hit counter, without the need for any complicated HTML. If you really must know, click on the little graph thingy. Nedstat Counter
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Yay! I've had over 900 visitors! And yay! And it's my birthday on the 5th of March! Yay! Anyway, you're STILL not (mostly)signing my guestbook, or e-mailing me! Why not do it to wish me happy birthday? I know you're out there, all you people from America and Sweden and Spain and England and Ireland and Russia and the Caribbean and the Netherlands and Canada and Macedonia and Australia and Germany and France and South Korea and Norway and Saudi Arabia and Lithuania and Denmark and India and the Czech Republic and the United Arab Emirates and Singapore! You couldn't hide from me before, and you still can't!


Lots and lots of profuse apologies to HR Giger, some of whose art-work I have used. I'm really sorry, but it looks so good. By the way, this hugely gifted swiss artist has two pages: and HR Giger