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Kentuckians !

I come to liberate you from the despotism of a tyran-
nical faction and to rescue my native State from the
hand of your oppressors.  Everywhere the cowardly
foe has fled from my avenging arms.  My brave
army is stigmatized as a band of guerrillas and ma-
rauders. Believe it not. I point with pride to their
deeds as a refutation to this foul aspersion.  We ask only
to meet the hireling legions of Lincoln. The eyes of
your brethren of the South are upon you. Your gal-
lant fellow citizens are flocking to our standard.
Our armies are rapidly advancing to your protection.
Then greet them with the willing hands of fifty thou-
sand of Kentucky's brave.  Their advance is already
with you. Then

"Strike For The Green Graves of Your Sires!"

"Strike For Your Altars And Your Fires!!"



                        Brig. Gen. C.S.A.

         Georgetown, KY July 15th 1861


Articles of Interest

Postcard, early 1900's, courtesy of Ollie Sappington of St. Louis, Mo.


Muster Rolls, 14th "Morgan's" KY Cavalry CSA (Adams thru Kirley)
Muster Rolls, 14th "Morgan's" KY Cavalry CSA (Lane thru Young)
Following Morgan's Plume Through Indiana And Ohio (1907 Article by George Dallas Mosgrove.)
The Wartime Letters of Wm. Henry Adams (3rd Kentucky Cavalry)
Pvt Harry Shaw, First to Raise the Stars and Bars Over Kentucky Capitol  (with music, "The Girl I Left Behind Me")
Gen. John Hunt Morgan(Biography and 1864 music of "Gen. Morgan's Grand March")
Gen. Basil Duke (Biography from Confederate Military History, music of "Gen. Morgan's Grand March")
Governor James B. McCreary (Kentucky Governor, Senator, Immortal 600 and Lt. Col. of 11th Kentucky Cavalry)
Morgan's Men, Escorts of Jeff Davis (with music and lyrics of the "Cheer Boys Cheer")
The Three Funerals Of Gen. John Hunt Morgan(with music of "My Old Kentucky Home")
Morgan's Cavalry 1865 Camp Lee Resolution, In Favor of Black Soldiers(" Carry Me back to Old Virginny")
"Battle Song of Kentucky" (with music and lyrics)
"How Are You Telegraph ?" (also known as the "John Hunt Morgan Song" (music & lyrics)
"Cheer Boys Cheer" (music with Lyrics)
Estill County Historical Broadside  (issued by Morgan (22 Sep 1862)
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Back ground midi tune for this page is "Jine the Cavalry". While this is a song of Stuart's Virginia Cavalry, members of Morgan's Cavalry surely were familiar with this tune during their service in the Virginia theater at the close of the war.  Copyright 1998, Scott Williams, from the "Borderland Collection", All Rights Reserved.

Note: Many of these pages have background music from "Old Kentucky". You must have a Cresendo Midi File Player plugin for your browser to play them. A free plugin can be downloaded from: Cresendo Download Website.  Hope you can enjoy these old tunes of long ago. (If you don't want to download this plugin, just click off on any midi file error you may receive, you just won't be able to hear the tunes.)