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Miss Kitty's ever-growing shrine to the one and only Bettie Page: 1950s cheesecake model, bondage pin-up, 20th century icon and misguided object of our desires. Within you shall find some of my favourite photos and pictures of Bettie, wrongly-opinioned rants and things of that ilk. Enjoy this snack hot!

Random Bettie
see pictures - worship

Happy Shopper
my Bettie buys - look don't touch

Bettie in (Cyber)Space!
real Bettie sites - older and wiser

Don't despair, I have not betrayed you. There will be more Bettie things to hark at later. I promise.

Love Bettie? Then why not try joining the official fan club - Bettie Scouts of America?
I have and I don't even live in America. I have a card to prove it too. My membership, of course, not my citizenship although I have a passport for that... Anyway, this is the important stuff:
Write to STEVE BREWSTER, 2642 S 53RD, KANSAS CITY, KS 66106 - 3365, USA for information.
As a Bettie Scout, you get really big newsletters with more Bettie-ness than a squirrel dressed up as Bettie can imagine. Ace.