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Channel the power of Bettie Page!

Bettie Hyperlist
This is the most comprehensive list of Bettie stuff on the Net ever. It tells you how much Bettie is featured on each site and what sort of Bettie-ness to expect. Ace!
Join one of two Bettie mailing lists here. I am on the bettie_buddies one at the moment so it has been given the Rollerdisco stamp of approval - five squillion points for friendliness! I'll check out the other in due course...

David Holle's Bettie site
I like this site. It has lots of links to all the useful stuff, including Bettie RealAudio interviews and the lark. V. good.

I Was A Teenage Betty
Bonnie Burton's site. Includes the eponymous story, pictures, Bonnie as Bettie (pretty damn cute!), and koolness.

Joe Bates' Bettie Page Page
Here you'll find (like I did - ahem) more Bettie pictures than you could possibly handle in one sitting. Everyone's favourites. One of the best sites I think.

Lou Nigro's Bettie Page Pages
This page has quite a good detailed biography of Bettie with some nice non-pinup pictures of her, as a little girl and stuff.

The official Bettie Page site
What else needs to be said here?

This person does a comic called Six Inch Stilettos, inspired by Bettie and the page shows a few panels featuring kool drawings of "Bettie".

This is it so far until I next trawl the Net for more Bettie-related craziness!

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