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Happy Shopper

Here are the Bettie buys I have made so far. I'm very proud of them even though it is not a very impressive collection.

Bettie Page: Life of a Pin-Up Legend
by Karen Essex & James L Swanson

This is the first Bettie thing that I ever bought (apart from a magazine featuring some of Bettie and Guinevere Turner). I love this book - it has lots of my very favourite pictures in and plenty of lovely family snaps of Bettie too which I adore, escpecially the school ones (what a minx!) and tells her life the way she wants it. Having a partly interview style makes the book an easy and interesting read for Bettie's own comments and little anecdotes, with her coming across as disarmingly innocent in a way. This really is the best book you can buy on Bettie.

I bought this book next, also in Forbidden Planet. I like it as a good source of pictures - a bonus is that it has many that are not in the Life of... book, including the one with the toy monkey (an absolute favourite)!