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Welcome to
Mike's Classic Cars

1923 T-bucket w/ 454

Hi! I live in Central Texas with my wife, Debbie, and our two little girls. I own a 1923 Ford T-Bucket, with a Chevy 454 engine, pictured here. Visit my Classic Cars Page for more photos of some of my favorite cars.

I'm also a bass fisherman. I like to fish the Highland Lakes of Central Texas for largemouth bass. My record is a 10.5 pound bass from Lake Austin. That's it, below, second picture from the left.

Mike with his catch from Lake Travis, Texas

Record 10 1/2 pound bass from Lake Austin, Texas
The whole family
enjoys fishing.

Even Mike's wife, Debbie, catches a fish occasionally, Lake Fork, Texas

The girls love to go fishing with Daddy

I own my own business, Evans Maintenance Services (EMS). I provide turn-key maintenance and make-ready services for apartment complexes in Williamson County and north Travis County, Texas. For more info, visit my EMS web site. I also help my wife with our family business, evansweb. We provide web design and marketing services, plus fine art and portrait photography. I work on the photo imaging projects using Photoshop. If you'd like more info about our design services, or if you'd like me to design a fantasy print for you, be sure to visit our evansweb site.

Samples of Fantasy Prints
Photo Imaging Fantasy Print--Family Skies

Is this little girl really riding a giraffe?

Little kitty or little girl?

A classic car needs a beautiful you see her?

WebStat Tracker deb's web designs at evansweb

Mike's Classic Cars


Evans Maintenance Services


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