This video opens with shots around the little Yomitan village neighborhood of aza-Oki as the storm was moving in. There was eerily very little traffic or other outside activity.

Around 2:58 a woman is toiling to clean up around a family tomb in preparation for Obon which was soon to follow the storm.

Around 4:09 Zac and I are out at Bolo Point on the Yomitan Peninsula.

Around 7:14 is a view of my house in aza-Oki and the surrounding area.

Around 8:14 a road-side vegetable vendor is packing up her wares.

Around 9:55 we're out at the Katsuren Castle site. The storm by this time was picking up steam.

Around 10:55 we're back home - tuning in to AFRTS/FEN-O.

Around 11:50 it's the following morning and a survey of the damage done to neighbors' yards, our boys' skate-board ramp, etc. Enjoy some of those old AFRTS/FENO storm updates!

S.A. Mick McClary - Great Falls, MT