Typhoon Trami (Paeng)
Typhoon #24

A powerful typhoon pummelled Japan's southern island of Okinawa on Saturday (Sep 29), injuring at least 17 people, as weather officials warned the storm would rip through the Japanese archipelago over the weekend.

Typhoon Trami, packing maximum gusts of 216 kilometres (134 miles) per hour near its centre, was forecast to hit the mainland early Sunday and cause extreme weather across the country into Monday.

Television footage showed branches ripped from trees by strong winds blocking a main street in the regional capital Naha, as well as torrential horizontal rain and massive waves splashing over breakwaters on a remote island in the area.

Local policemen in rain jackets wielding chainsaws were battling the furious wind to remove fallen trees. The gusts were strong enough to overturn a truck and smash the glass windows of a bank.

Some 700 people were evacuated to shelters in Okinawa and electricity was cut to nearly 200,000 homes, public broadcaster NHK said.

At least 386 flights were cancelled, mainly in western Japan, according to NHK.

Western regions are still recovering from the most powerful typhoon to strike the country in a quarter of a century in early September. Typhoon Jebi claimed 11 lives and shut down Kansai Airport, the main regional airport.

Jiji Press news agency quoted airport authorities as saying Kansai's two runways would be closed from 11:00am Sunday as a precautionary measure.

West Japan Railway said it would suspend all services in the Osaka region and cancel some Shinkansen bullet trains by noon on Sunday.
Channel NewsAsia 29 Sep 2018 12:04PM (Updated: 30 Sep 2018 04:16AM)


This next video shows the preparations one guy made for the storm followed by a survey of some of the damage at Sunabe.

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