Shuri-jo in 2014-15

During my 2015 visit I went back to Shuri-jo to spend a little more time. I had visited in 2014 but didn't get nearly all of the information or photos that I wanted since time was limited. So, when I went back in 2015 I had the entire day. In this feature I'll be combining images and video from both trips.

I'll begin with this diagram of the castle site and surrounding area. The areas that I visited and photographed are highlighted in yellow. I hope that you enjoy this tour as much I have enjoyed being there and then bringing it to you in this feature! DOZO!

SHURIJO BURNS AGAIN, October 31, 2019

Received the news today, October 30 in the U.S., that Shuri Castle has burned - for the 5th time.
It's just heart-breaking to see that Shurijo has once again been razed by fire.
The first time it burned down was intentional when it was torched in 1453 during the Revolt of Shiro and Furi.
Accidental fire burned it down again in 1660. Restoration was completed in 1670. By 1670 newer techniques for creating roofing tiles were available throughout much of Ryukyu.
Tile roofing became known to Okinawa during the reign of King Sho Nei, when Korean potters arrived in the Ryukyu Islands by way of Satsuma. It was during this period that tile came to replace earlier roofing materials of thatch or wood. Tiles were first used to top off fire towers that were built at Naha and at Shuri after temples and shrines at Naminoue had burned.
The next time that Shurijo burned was in 1709 followed by restoration in 1712-15.
Much of the castle site was burned again, in particular the Hokuden, during the 1945 Battle for Okinawa and wasn't fully restored until 1992.
And here we go again. So profoundly sad for Okinawa and those of us who love her. [I have news reports and images here] 1996-2017
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