Machinato Housing Area
Victor Mamel's house, Machinato Housing Area (circa 1982-85)
Victor's family lived across from the Yasuoka Junior High school

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Photos by the Mamel Family and submitted by Victor Mamel, July 26, 2015

View of the junior high school, taken from the corner of his house.
Note the symbol of Okinawa towering over the large building in the distance.

View from the sidewalk. The large white drum on the right was for heating oil.

View from the street. We don't yet know the street name or housing unit number.

View of the front of Victor's house.

Another view of the school from his house.
The large quonset-looking building to the rear on the right is part of the jr. hi. school.

View of the back porch.

S.A. Mick McClary, Great Falls, MT