Our "New Life" at A-305 Awase in 1973

I had been assigned to Kadena Air Base and reported in October of 1972. Debb, pregnant with our first son, joined me on island in
January 1973. I had an apartment in Koza (Okinawa City) - the Nakasone Apartments, across from the police station on Rte 20 just
east of Goya 4-Corners. We quickly moved out of that shoe box and into a house in Awase. A-305 was the address.
Here is where our new life began.

Soon after we moved into our new digs in Awase our first son, DyLon, was born at the US Army Hospital at Camp Kue (Kuwae).
He was the center of our lives. I was working 12-hour night shifts in the emergency room at Kadena AB and Debb had the onerous
duty of holding down the fort at home - in a strange land - with strangers all around. It didn't take long though to get acquainted with
immediate neighbors but she never did feel comfortable spending her nights alone. So when we were able we lived it up as best we
could with friends. Bobby and Amy Reed were our besties along with their dog, Bevo. Bevo and our dogs got on well - Bilbo, Scarffy and Jiro I.
The first year, 1973, we didn't get a lot of movies or photos but what we did get I share with you in this short video collection.

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