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Photo submitted by Lou Corea
Nose Art - "Miss Fortune"
Is it my imagination, or does the shadow beneath Miss Fortune not approximate
the outline of Okinawa island?
Her right elbow is on the Katsuren Peninsula.
Her left foot looks like it's parked in Naha and beyond/behind her butt the Hagushi
Beaches on the Yomitan (Yontan) Peninsula. Her left hand appears to be resting near Aha or
maybe even as far up as Hedo Point. Beyond her left shoulder would be the Motobu Peninsula.
Her left knee might be on the Chinen Peninsula, looking out toward O Shima.
Lastly, her right foot appears to be ready to take a leap off Suicide Cliff!
Now if I'm correct, and if I were traveling the island, I'd want to stop for a
drink and the great view right after turning east onto HW8!
If you can figure out why I say that then you are a true Okinawa geography officianato!
Hint: Highway 8 goes out toward the Katsuren Castle and White Beach.
Mick McClary, Jan 8, 2009
Here's another look at her -

Maybe it was indeed my imagination. Doesn't look quite as convincing in this photo. Tsk!
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