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Photo submitted by Lou Corea
William Anderson
The photo of William Anderson has a fan in the background next to a bunk. I made that fan
in 1951, bunk level legs were 1/8 flat iron,the guard was made of brass welding rod.
The motor was a 1/8hp small motor. When I left I had two guys nearly fight over who got it.
I don't remember who they were or which one wound up with it. It was quiet and smooth and
put just enough air through the mosquito net to sleep comfortably hot nights. I found the
motor across the road in sh*t creek. An electrician and I took it apart, cleaned it it up
and he made some brushes to fit it. That one in the photo has to be it. There couldn't be
two of them like it. Seeing it again made my day. Ken
Ken Godwin, Jan 9, 2009
Sh*t creek has provided a good bit of repair parts for many things. I found a carburetor for
the kerosene heating stoves that were in the quonsets when we first arrived on the island.
George Hickok, Jan 9, 2009
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