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Photo: Ed Hyde. (submitted to by Joan Hyde)
Super Connie
The Lockheed Constellation, affectionately known as the “Connie”, was a four-engine propeller-driven
airliner built by Lockheed between 1943 and 1958 at its Burbank, California, USA, facility. A total of 856
aircraft were produced in four models, all distinguished by a distinctive triple-tail design and graceful,
dolphin-shaped fuselage. It was used as both a civilian airliner and U.S. military air transport plane,
seeing service in the Berlin Airlift and as the presidential aircraft for U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
(source: wikipedia)

Even I remember M.A.T.S. - Military Air Transport Service. Flew to France in 1961 on a MATS C-Twenty
something or other. I was 9. The portside engine erupted in flames shortly after lift-off from McGuire AFB, NJ
and we had to put down in Newfoundland for "repairs."
(Mick McClary, 24 Apr 08)
My very first commercial flight was on one of these planes. As I remember, it was a nice flight.
Maybe it was because I was going home.
Louis Amari 24 Apr 08
In 1960/61 I flew from Travis to Tachikawa in one of these "Connies'. The Columbine (Pres. Eisenhower's)
is now in the Tucson Air Museum; still like new.
Ron Hyatt 25 Apr 08
I flew from California to New York on a plane like this when I got back from Okinawa. It was full with servicemen
returning from Korea, Japan and Okinawa.
Frank Iava, 26 Apr 08
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