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Photo: Ed Hyde. (submitted to by Mrs. Edward Hyde)
Is this the 9th's sqdn area? Must have been taken from the hill behind the Orderly Room in the foreground. Don't recall those two new looking quonsets just across the road. When was this taken?
Geo. Hickok, 3-18-08
George, I agree with you. At first I too thought it might be the 9th area. The more I look the less I think so. Far too many buildings of all kinds.
Ron Hyatt 3-19-08
I think this may be the 9th in later days. There was a hill behind the orderly room that went up to the BOQ area. The smaller square bldg where the vehicles are parked was right across from the orderly room. The small tank on stilts over the top of the 6by6 with no tarp was in front of the quonset I bunked in. Looks like two quonsets have been removed in that row and the unpainted ones are not being used.
Geo. Hickok, 3-22-08
I was standing by that small tank the morning the B29 blew up. The shock wave knocked me on my !!!. Some debris fell in the area where Ed stood to take this picture. Geo. Hickok, Aug 9, 08
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