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455 - temporary barracks
Photo by Joe Menno.
Upon arrival at Kadena we had to spend a few days living in the day room while the barracks were being renovated.
I don't remember the day room being such a beat up shack. It must have gotten a face lift before I got there. I remember most of the buildings being tied down with cables to keep them from blowing away during a typhoon. Does anyone remember an ice maker near the day room? It was more like a snow maker. We always had cold beer.
Lou Amari Jan 23, 08
I do not recall the Day Room as being this dilapidated
RON Jan 24, 08
Yes, I remember the "snow" machine. I was there when they pulled it up out of $hit creek and overhauled it. Roberts and 2 other guys got it to working. It worked very well to keep the 3.2 beer cold.
K. Godwin Jan 26, 08
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