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390 - Harold Smith photo
Photo by Harold Smith.
Why is it that nobody ever says too much about these girls? I wonder why.
Lou Amari Jan 25, 08
Well Lou, for one, money. For another, it could create a family problem for some!
RON Jan 26, 08.
Now, wait just a minute.... Are you guys suggesting that this isn't a photo of your Sunday School class?
Mick Jan 26, 08
Of course we all know the names of these girls. Suziko, Rako, or Mishiko. Then again, the were all named that.
Lou Amari Jan 26, 08
I notice that all three names end in "ko" - Hmmm... let me guess... "ko" = "K"nock "O"ut!
Yes, I know that many, many women's names end in "ko." There was a time when I thought that they ALL did!
Mick, Jan 26, 08
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