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346 - Dick Ellis
Who remembers the B29 model? RON Dec 5, 07
Was there a hobby shop in the 9th for guys to build models? There wasn't when I was there. Would have been nice. Would help keep more guys out of the villages. George Hickok, Dec 5, 07
You're kidding!! Those visits to the villages were just photographic tours!!!!!!!! J. Menno, 6 Dec 07
Not that I recall George. Now where did those guys build these things? I Dunno! I do recall a Big B29 with real engines. I helped hold it while the others tried to get all four running. Did they run? I dunno. Ron Hyatt, Dec 6, 07
I believe that this one, along with a bf109 Messerschmitt, built by Red Oconnell, were purchased from the P.X. in 1952. These were 'U' cable controlled, not radio controlled, but a heck of a lot of fun to fly, if you didn't get dizzy. Ward Colbree, Dec 6, 07
I remember going to a lot to watch these models fly. What we really wanted was to see them crash. When they did they got a great round of applause. Lou Amari (5 Jan 08)
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