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293 - Cave of the Virgins
This is a look down into the Virgin Pit. The story we got was a lot of people (girls) we killed here at the last stages of the Ryukyu campaign. RON (25 Nov 07)
Oh, no, Ron. Unless you meant to say a lot of girls "were" (not 'we') killed, you were fed a load of poop! There were dozens of teen-age girls, nursing students, who were "drafted" by the Japanese army. They worked their butts off in hospital caves and when the American forces routed the Japanese out of their caves, working their way to the south, the girls and some of their adult female instructors blew themselves up. They had been brain-washed into believing that if they were taken alive the American beasts would rape, torture and finally slaughter them. Sadly, they chose to die by their own hands. When the Japanese took off from the caves that were being over-run by American forces they simply abandoned the girls, giving them each a grenade with which to end their lives when the time came. Mick (25 Nov 07)
Mick, I am glad you cleared that up. The story I heard was that when our forces ordered the people to come out of the cave and they refused flame throwers were used to kill them and then it was discovered that they were nurses.
Geo. Hickok Dec 2, 2007
George, I don't know that that did not happen at one location or another, but the history of the Cave of the Virgins is as I described. There were indeed a number of other caves that were flamed and many Japanese and Okinawan locals did die in those situations. I'm not sure though if it ever happened to a group of nurses.
Mick, Dec 2, 2007.
Damned English language! Leave off only two letters and the whole meaning is lost. Spell checker also let me down. Boy you troops are on the ball. Yes, it says we, but it means were killed.
Ron Hyatt, 3 Dec 07
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